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How to Make air conditioner Serve for Many Years

Do you know that an air condition lasts for a period between nine years and twenty? It is necessary to look for tips to help you make your air conditioner last longer. Here are the guidelines to consider.

Think about gauging energy efficiency. doing this is among the tips that will make your air conditioner last for many years. Here make sure that you measure SEER where the number is high this will mean extra energy efficiency. In case the ratio has not gotten to 14 a boost will be required, learn here. You can consider saving energy by switching off air conditioner after use.

You should maintain cleanliness of the air conditioner. Clean it several times at it will last for long. You should not stay for more than a month before you vacuum the places that attract dust and also wipe the interior and exterior parts of the unit. Check the condenser coils yearly and get rid of dust and dirt if any.

Consider changing filter severally read more here. You should change it depending on how you normally use your air conditioner mostly 1 to 3 months. Air quality and whether you have pets are among the things that will also determine when you should change your filter. Fix the air filter in a way that it is able to trap huge amount of dust.

Consider finding out leaks. Leaks should make you shut off the power air conditioner urgently before doing anything else to avoid complex problems. You should check for visible signs of leaks from connections. The leaks should be sealed properly using the right materials. You can contact a professional to help.

Consider giving rest. Whenever the air conditioner is not in use it should be turned off. This will not only help in saving energy but also prevent overwork, click here to learn. At night you can reduce the use of air conditioner more when you sleep.

You should allow enough air to circulate. Dust and dirt accumulation in the air conditioner can result into overheat and also deficient airflow and this can lead to wearing out of the motor. You are required to get rid of dirt from the air ducts and vents to avoid such issues, click here for more information.

Organize professional service. You need a professional for repair, maintenance, cleaning and other services. You should consider professional service during the spring. You can stay for a while without air conditioner at this period. You should not ignore what you will get from this guide for perfect air conditioning service.